Organization, scientific support and moderation of the WG of the German Stakeholder Commission on Nanotechnologies of the German Government on the topics: preliminary risk assessment, regulation, code of conduct and potential benefits of nanomaterials


The NanoCommission of the German Government was installed in 2006 as central, national dialogue platform and consisted of approximately 20 representatives. It was the task of the Commission to support the discussion and exchange between different societal groups on the risks and opportunities of nanotechnologies and therewith contribute to a responsible and sustainable use of nanomaterials. The NanoCommission worked in two dialogue phases (2006 – 2008 and 2009 – 2011) and concluded each with a final report and recommendations to the government.   

Objectives and results

The aim of the project was to support 4 thematic working groups of the NanoCommission regarding the technical organisation and the scientific and content work. A total of 4-5 meetings of each of the working groups were prepared, moderated and documented.

Results of this work are 4 working group reports on the topics "Principles on the responsible use of nanomaterials", "Cost-benefit analysis of the use of nanomaterials", "Regulation" and "Criteria for the evaluation of nanomaterials". These reports were integrated into the Commission’s work and final report.  


Dirk Jepsen

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