Standardization of emission factors for exposure assessment under REACH – assessment of the industry-derived emission factors in specific environmental release categories – spERCs(FKZ: 363 01 300)


In order to standardize the environmental emission estimation under REACH, several industry associations concretised the environmental release categories (ERCs) in the ECHA guidance and developed specific environmental release categories (so called spERCs). These spERCs include a more concrete description of the conditions of use and a respective adaptation of emission factors. The assumptions and information sources of the spERCs are documented in fact sheets.

Project aims

The aim of the project was to assess, whether the industry-derived spERCs are plausible, can be followed and are understandable for all REACH actors, including the authorities. This included an analysis of the guidance for spERC development and the exemplary detailed evaluation of 6 spERCs.


The results of the analysis showed that spERCs are partly inconsistent and that many emission factors are not derived in a plausible way and/or not transparently documented. It is frequently unclear, if the emission factors are valid under the assumption that risk management measures are implemented or not.

In the final report the results of the analysis are presented and recommendations provided for the different actors on how the spERCs could be improve.


Dirk Jepsen

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