Advancement of product responsibility in waste management with regard to the protection of natural raw materials using the example of electrical and electronic equipment (FKZ: 3711 95 318)

Background and task

Recovery of precious and special metals and rare earths from end of life products from private households is gaining importance with respect to the protection of natural resources. Existing potentials are currently not yet used in an optimal way. In order to improve that, collection, treatment and recycling of used equipment have to be further developed.

Objectives and expected results

Main goal of the project is to develop measures and instruments for optimsed collection, treatment and reclamation of metals from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The following working steps will be performed:

  • Identification of relevant metals in electrical and electronic equipment with regard to the conservation of raw materials,
  • development of mass flow balances with identification of losses and potentials,
  • performance of practical tests and analytical studies,
  • development, assessment and consideration of measures and instruments for optimised steering and treatment of WEEE,
  • development of communication measures for the enhancement of the collection of raw material -relevant WEEE


Knut Sander

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