Development of a guidance document on “How to conduct a shredder campaign” (Study Contract No 070307/2011/603989/ETU/C2)

Background and task

Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of life vehicles (ELV Directive) provides for recovery and recycling targets for ELVs (Article 7(2)). Details on the reporting are set out in the Commission Decision 2005/293/EC laying down detailed rules on the monitoring of the reuse/recovery and reuse/recycling targets set out in Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on end-of-life vehicles. DG ESTAT has also developed a guidance document addressed to Member States on how to report on recycling and recovery targets.

Objectives and expected results

The objective of this study is to support the monitoring and harmonise the reporting of the ELV recovery targets. A common methodology for shredder campaigns will be developed to be proposed for use by Member States when reporting on ELV targets. The study results will serve as input to the existing guidance document "How to report on end-of-life vehicles according to Commission Decision 2005/293/EC".

Working steps are:

  • Analysis of the shredder campaign documents and national reports on recycling and recovery activities,

  • gather information on the national shredding campaigns via questionnaire,

  • workshop on performing shredder campaigns.


Knut Sander

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