Chemicals selection and use in small and medium-size enterprises – analysis of sustainability level (FKZ: 360 01 064)


Based on the state of the expert discussion, Ökopol and the Ökoinstitute e.V. developed guidance for small and medium sized enterprises for the selection and use of sustainable chemicals based on the current state of discussion in a project commissioned by UBA. The criteria and the systematic approach described in the guidance was tested and analysed using practical examples and reference experiences.

Objectives of the project

It was the aim of the project to test the applicability of the guidance for small and medium sized enterprises and to receive a feedback on potential improvement needs and potential additional content to include.


Two enterprises tested the guidance using different cases of past substitution. They generated the necessary data and compiled the result matrix to compare the used alternatives with the originally applied substances. The guidance proved to be useful for the identification of sustainable alternatives.

Further examples of substitution cases were analysed by the contractors using substitution cases described in the SubChem Project, e.g. regarding the substitution of mineral fibres, phthalates and the entire mixtures.

From this practical and theoretical testing, different recommendations were compiled for the revision of the guidance, which could be implemented in a follow-up project.


Dirk Jepsen

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