Substitution potential of selected primary metals by using secondary materials (FKZ: 3711 93 339)

Many products and devices contain the so-called strategic metals, which are of great importance to technology, economy and ecology. Therefore, after the period of use these metals should be captured and recycled as far as possible.

For that purpose, information about products presently in use as well as the future waste products and devices are required. The intention of ReStra is to research selected products and product groups such as wind engines or photovoltaic devices on their content of strategic metals gold, gallium, germanium, rhodium, palladium, light rare earth elements (yttrium, europium, gadolinium, terbium etc.) as well as heavy rare earth elements (cerium, lanthanum, neodymium). Derived from that the recycling and substitution potentials of strategic metals are determined and recycling technologies as well as process chains for selected strategic metals in the considered waste flow are described.

Knut Sander


Knut Sander

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