Participation in UN Expert Group following Article 8 of the Minamata Convention on Mercury: Development of Guidance on best available techniques and best environmental practice in coal combustion plants, cement industry, non-ferrous metal smelters and waste incineration

In 2013, the Minamata Convention on Mercury established a group of 31 technical experts, nominated from each region of the world and supported by 8 technical experts from industrial and environmental NGO. The group was mandated to develop the guidance on best available techniques and best environmental practices (BAT/BEP) called for in Article 8 of the Convention.

The group has collected information and met on four occasions to discuss relevant information to be included in the guidance. The first meeting was in February 2014 in Ottawa, Canada, the second meeting in September 2014 in Montreux, Switzerland, and the third meeting in March 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa. At its third meeting, the group agreed that the co-chairs would seek public comment on the developing draft guidance on best available techniques and best environment practices, published on the Convention’s website. The comment period ran from 18 June to 1 August 2015. Comments received during the public comment phase

The comments received during the public comment phase were considered at a fourth meeting of the group, held in Stockholm from 7 to 11 September 2015. The group also reached agreement on the draft guidance to be forwarded to the intergovernmental negotiating committee for agreement and publication of the final version. The seventh session of the intergovernmental negotiating committee on mercury (INC7) is scheduled to be held from 10 to 15 March 2016 in Jordan.

List of Technical Experts for BAT/BEP Guidance

BAT/BEP Guidance (Jan. 2016)


Christian Tebert

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