Study on emissions of priority pollutants from small and medium combustion plants of households and small consumers until 2030 updating the National Emissions Inventory

Due to international conventions and EU Directives, the German Federal Environmental Agency needs to develop and review emission scenarios for relevant air pollutants.

Current scenarios for small and medium-size combustion plants of households and other small consumers do not consider new requirements from 2010 for these plants established by the First Decree of the Federal Air Imission Control Act (1. BImSchV). Latest scenarios for these emission sources date from 2008 and do not reflect the strong increase of wood combustion plants in the past years.

In future, emission factors of central and single-room wood firing will be influenced significantly by new technical developments, in particular by optimised combustion techniques and adapted waste gas cleaning devices. Additionally, new European emission requirements are expected from the EU Ecodesign Regulation.

The project aims at the development of realistic emission factors for small and medium-size combustion plants. For these plants, the current fuel mix will be investigated as well as the future fuel mix. Thereof, the project will derive new emission scenarios for the years 2015 to 2030 and will document related uncertainties.

If possible, scenarios will be established for the parameters dust, carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (Nox), dinitrogen monoxide (N2O), sulphur dioxide (SO2), methane (CH4), volatile organic compounds without methane (NMVOC), benzene (C6H6) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

The project is based on information of sector experts, in particular measurements of combustion plant manufacturers, chimney sweepers, measurement institutes as well as on results of other research projects.


Christian Tebert

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