ECHA Service Contract “Assessment of the reliability of spERCs” Framework contract NO ECHA/2011/01; Service request SR16

The aim of the project was to analyse existing spERCs regarding the plausibility of their release factors and the quality of t he respective documentation.

The first work package consisted of the analysis of spERCs from different industry sectors regarding the information sources and methods to derive release factors as well as the transparency and quality of their documentation in the spERC factsheets. Based on this analysis, proposals were generated how the factsheets could be restructured at a higher level of detail and to prepare background documents for more detailed documentation of the spERC contents. In the second part of the project, examples of best practice spERCs were produced in cooperation with industry associations.

Results of the project are a report of the spERC analysis and a report including a proposal for a ‘best practice spERC format’. The example spERCs may be published by the industry associations.


Dirk Jepsen

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