Innovative techniques: Determination of best available techniques (BAT) in Europe: BAT for common waste gas treatment in the chemical sector (BREF WGC) (FKZ: 3714 43 312 4)


In October 2015, the European Commission agreed with EU Member States, industry and environmental NGOs on a new work programme for implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU). Among others, the work programme includes the revision of best available techniques reference documents (BREFs) in the chemical sector. The programme considers experience from the revision of the first three chemical industry BREFs (out of eight): At the end of 2013, the revision of the BREF for Processing Chlor Alkali (CAA) was finished, and in short, finalization is expected for the revision of the BREF for the Production of Large Volume Organic Chemicals (LVOC) and the BREF on Common Waste Water Treatment in the Chemical Industry (CWW).

The new work programme schedules for 2016 the start of an efficient update of information about best available techniques (BAT) for waste gas treatment in the chemical industry and associated emission levels. The drawing up of the BREF will involve

  • collecting comprehensive and representative information and data on abatement techniques and emission levels across the whole chemical industry;
  • collecting information and data from specific products/processes that might require a dedicated approach (e.g. by relying on current BREFs or Member States’ legislation);
  • a thorough analysis of the information and data collected;
  • definition of generic BAT and BAT associated emission levels for emissions to air for the whole chemical industry, while identifying processes requiring further specific consideration.

Information and data on generic best available techniques shall be documented in a BAT Reference Document on Common Waste Gas Treatment in the Chemical Sector (WGC BREF).

Aim and expected project result

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (UBA) is the national focal point for coordination of technical contributions of Germany for the production of BAT Reference Documents (BREFs). The UBA has commissioned a research project to Ökopol for preparation of the European-wide information exchange on generic BAT and associated emission levels in the chemical industry. The project comprises the collection and analysis of air emission monitoring reports of the chemical industry from competent authorities of the Länder (federal states). By this, best available techniques in the chemical industry shall be documented.

The project result is an anonymized report by Ökopol about current techniques for waste gas treatment in the chemical industry as well as associated emission levels. For each parameter, concentration values as well as mass flows will be documented.

As the UBA intends to provide the report to the European Technical Working Group, Ökopol will write the report in English language. Before finalization, a draft version will be discussed with sector experts.

UBA Contact: Mrs Brahner


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