Inquiry on the structure of the waste oil market and on the potential for an optimization of the waste oil quality in the context of the waste hierarchy (FKZ 3714 31 3270).

In this research project, the situation of waste oil recycling and disposal in Germany is analyzed. The periodic review of the efficacy of the legal framework for waste oil treatment and specifically the re-view of its implementation in the federal states requires a substance flow analysis based on statistical data. The calculation model underlying this substance flow analysis has been validated and updated within this research project. In addition, a survey of waste oil market as well as collection and dis-posal situation has been conducted.

Based on the research results, waste oil flows in 2014 have been quantified. An amount of 1,090,325 t of lubricants put on the market in Germany in 2014 results in 467,250 t of collected waste oil. In addition with net-imports of 128,600 t the total amount of waste oil for further treat-ment can be quantified to 595,850 t. 88 % of the total amount of waste oil (525,180 t) go to re-refining, 72 % hereof to the base oil route. 37,980 t are incinerated (energy recovery) in the lime and cement industry (about 6.3 %). For about 32,690 t (approximately 5 %) of waste oil the fate remains unclear.


Dirk Jepsen

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