Study on the regulatory fitness of the legislative framework governing the risk management of chemicals (excluding REACH), in particular the CLP Regulation and related legislation

The aim of the project is to identify and evaluate the impacts of the implementation of the EU classification and labelling regulation (CLP). The assessment is conducted against the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance and EU added value (‘fitness check’).

The project consists of the following work packages: analysis and description of the relations between the CLP and other EU legislation which either have corresponding requirements on the identification or communication of hazards (horizontal links) or which include cross-references to the CLP (vertical links) as well as the implementation costs of CLP as such. The analysis is conducted as desk research and literature review as well as stakeholder consultations. Another important element is a set of case studies to illustrate costs and benefits of the CLP implementation and the impacts of its interplay with other legislation, respectively.

The project result is a report highlighting the impacts of CLP, describing doublings with other legislation, legal gaps, whether or not CLP is efficient and effective in reaching its objectives as well as if it adds value to the EU and is relevant. Options to act will be outlined.


Antonia Reihlen

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