Uncovering potentials to conserve resources in the non-ferrous metals industry using a Delphi-survey (FKZ: 3713 93 306)

Production as well as fabrication and manufacturing of non-ferrous metals and their alloys are highly resource and energy intensive and connected with high environmental impacts. In the years to come, new major challenges for the non-ferrous metals industry resulting from the transition to a green economy and particularly from the energy turnaround are to be expected in Germany. Against this background, this project aimed at initiating a discussion regarding the role of the non-ferrous metals industry in a green economy, and at identifying scenarios of potential future developments and existing barriers. Besides various stakeholder workshops, the main methodological tool was the Delphi technique. In a Delphi survey with experts from the non-ferrous metals industry, science, consulting and NGOs, probable future innovations among other aspect were identified. Based on the survey results, potential paths for the future development of the industry were developed.  


Till Zimmermann

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