Continuation of the German NanoDialogue by the German Government 2016-2017 (FKZ UM 16 65 2150)

Since 2006, the German government organises a national stakeholder dialogue on the use of nanotechnologies or nanomaterials. The German NanoCommission was founded in 2006 to lead the NanoDialogue and it was supported by topical working groups. Since 2012, stakeholders discuss the use of nanotechnologies in the frame of 2-day expert workshops focused on specific applications.

Oekopol supports the German Environment Ministry in the preparation and documentation of the expert workshops regarding the content and the technical organisation. In this, 5th phase of the dialogue, two expert workshops are conducted.

Oekopol conceptualises the workshops in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, organises speakers and provides the participants with a preparatory document on the topic. In addition, Oekopol facilitates the discussion at the dialogues and prepares a summary of the debate. Furthermore, Oekopol prepares topical reports with additional (background) information and including the results of the stakeholder discussion.

Antonia Reihlen


Antonia Reihlen

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