Strategy on Health and Environment – scientific and organisational support to BMUB and UBA (FKZ 3716622060)

Human health is influenced by a variety of environment-related factors: negative effects of the environment may cause considerable human health risks, whereas a functioning environment could increase health and overall well-being. The German government plans a “Government Programme Environment and Health” in order to implement related improvements in a targeted and coordinated manner. The Government Programme should identify central action areas and present related measures for implementation.

Oekopol supports related work of the German Ministry of the Environment and the German Federal Environment Agency in technical and content related aspects together with its team of partners, which provide additional expertise and competences. The tasks of the project team comprise, among others, the organisation of two series of expert workshop to discuss the Government Programme and its implementation (2016 and 2017). Furthermore, the content of the Programme and pertaining, topical reports and information are elaborated for the general public and published. In addition, Oekopol and the project team support the Ministry and the Agency in its every day work in relation to the Programme.

The project results include publications of the Government Programme, the expert workshops and further information and reports developed in the context of the project.

Dirk Jepsen


Dirk Jepsen

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