Scientific and technical support for collecting information on and reviewing available tools to track hazardous substances in articlesWith a view to improve the implementation and enforcement of Article 33 of REACH

REACH Article 33 requires producers and importers of articles to inform the recipients if substances on the REACH candidate list (SVHC) are contained in these articles in concentrations above 0.1%. If this is the case, information on the safe use of these articles must be provided, as a minimum the name of the substance. Article 33.2 requires suppliers of articles to provide consumers on request with information on SVHC in these articles within 45 days and free of charge.

The implementation of substance related requirements for articles as well as the safe disposal or recycling of articles benefits from the control of substance use in supply chains as well as the existence of related information flows.

The implementation of REACH Article 33 and other substance-related requirements on materials, products, articles and wastes makes cooperation of actors along complex and frequently multinational supply chains indispensable. Different actors developed instruments facilitating the communication on substance-related requirements and the control of the substance content in products. There is a variety of aims, approaches and aims underlying the various types of instruments.

The aim of the current project is to provide an overview of available communication and management instruments for SVHC in articles. Selected instruments are evaluated regarding their suitability to support the requirements of REACH Article 33. The analysis is based on information published on the internet and in other sources as well as targeted consultations of tool developers and tool users.

The result of the project is a compilation of information on available tools for use within the supply chains and tools that support communication between companies and consumers. Recommendations are elaborated on which (elements) of these tools could support the implementation of REACH Art. 33 and/or the efficient implementation of a circular economy.

Antonia Reihlen


Antonia Reihlen

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