Update of the Brochure “Environmental Standards in the Textile and Shoe Sector” (Project No 73878)

A brochure on "Environmental Standards in the Textile and Shoe Industry" informs traders and producers on best available techniques (BAT) as fixed in BAT Reference Documents for textiles and leather production in the European Union. The brochure presents quotes and best practices to explain advantages for importers of textile and leather products, associated with the implementation of European environmental standards in the global production chain. Complementary to the brochure, checklists were developed on behalf of the German Environment Agency UBA, enabling providers to compare their production processes with improvement options documented in the European BAT Reference Documents.

The target of the project is an update of the brochure, elaborated by the Environment Agency UBA with the support of many stakeholders of the textiles and shoe industry in 2009. The update will take-up new best practices of the sector and will inform about the new Partnership_for_Sustainable_Textiles, founded in Germany in 2014.

The updated brochure will comprise the revised European findings on best available techniques for the leather industry, pubished in the BAT_Reference_Document and in its short extract of BAT_Conclusions. The update involves a stakeholder dialogue and a new design of the brochure. The draft of the new brochure will be presented on a stakeholder workshop in February 2017.


Christian Tebert