Determination, analysis and evaluation of the rescource potential and the content of pollutants in electronic devices becomeing waste now and in the future (FKZ 3716333220)

Due to new developments in the field of treatment technologies for WEEE, the development trends of novel types of equipment as well as the environmental objectives of depollution and resource conservation there is a need for concretization and further development of the existing treatment requirements for WEEE of the ElektroG. According to article 24 no. 2 ElektroG, the Federal Government has the authorization to lay down further requirements by ordinance for the treatment of WEEE. Against this background, open questions for defined equipment categories or components of WEEE were identified and worked on in the project and, after a thorough evaluation, a derivation of specific concrete treatment recommendations was made in the thematic fields of ‘Printed Wiring Boards and Resource Relevant Components’, ‘Screens’, ‘Photovoltaic Panels’, ‘Plastics’ and ‘Depollution’.


Knut Sander

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