Development of informative web-sites for small and medium-sized enterprises on SVHC in articles

Small and medium-sized enterprises frequently are insufficiently informed about the REACH requirements regarding the communication on SVHC in articles (Art. 33 and Art. 7). Simple and easily understandable explanation of the requirements as well as implementation instruments are missing.

The aim of the project is to develop such information that contribute to a better understanding of REACH Art. 33 and to support ist implementation with concrete tools in form of information on the use of SVHC in materials and articles. The web-pages were integrated in the internet site of the REACH network of Baden-Württemberg. Specific inforamtion on SVHC and materials were collected from publicly available sources and made available in a comprehensive form. At the beginning of the project, the user needs are identified via an online survey and company interviews.


Olaf Wirth

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