Plastics in the environment – Development of a methodological framework for quantifiying and analysing the fate of plastic waste and other plastic products in different environmental compartments (FKZ 3716343260)

The project addressed the ongoing discussions on plastic waste and particles in the environment, covering the topic of marine litter as well as plastics in other environmental media. Despite few analyses for specific areas (e.g., by waste collections or "clean-up actions"), there is no comprehensive knowledge on plastic emissions into different environmental compartments. However, such a comprehensive assessment is required to support the scientific-political discussion about mitigation strategies and possible actions. Against this background, this project developed a methodological framework to analyse and quantify the input of plastic into the environment. Plastic emissions resulting from littering (of plastic waste in general and plastic packaging in particular) as well as various application areas (construction, agriculture etc.) were considered.


Dirk Jepsen