Advancing REACH: Evaluation of studies and reports in the context of the REACH Review (AP1) (FKZ: 3717 67 410 0)

In Work Package 1 of the project „Advancing REACH“, 25 studies and documents developed in the scope of the REACH review 2017/2018 either contracted by the Commission, by member states, industry or NGOs were selected. These documents, as well as the Commission report on the operation of REACH, were analysed with regard to the evaluations of the REACH implementation and the proposed measures to remedy any identified deficits.

In general, all actors evaluate the implementation of REACH as successful and identify the quality of registration data (except industry) and the efficiency of the assessment and authorisation procedures as main deficits. The analysed documents include more fare-reaching and/or more detailed measures than the actions proposed by the Commission. While industry requests further simplification of the authorisation process, NGOs regard more stringent implementation necessary.

The results of the analysis as well as an assessment of which measures proposed in the REACH review 2012/2013 are implemented, are provided as short version (German with English summary) and as an unofficial background document (only German) with more detailed assessments.

UBA Texte Auswertung von Studien zum REACH Review (German)

Hintergrunddokument zur Auswertung der Studien (German)


Dirk Jepsen

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