Advancing REACH: SVHC-identification and Authorisation (AP 5.4) (FKZ: 3717 67 410 0)

In this sub-report of the project "Advancing REACH", case studies were analysed to describe improvement options for the procedures of SVHC identification and authorisation. In particular, the effort for the authorities, the duration of the procedures and the role of the EU Commission, the ECHA as well as the committees were examined. All steps from substance selection (incl. screening, RMOA) to the decision on authorisation were considered.

The analysis showed that the general objectives of authorisation are achieved and that the procedures are established, functioning and driving the phase-out of SVHC. A quantification of the effect on the substitution of SVHC is not possible. The report identifies several opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedures, which relate in particular to the generation and collection of better/comprehensive data.

Olaf Wirth

UBA Texte 41/2021


Dirk Jepsen

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