Advancing REACH: Analysis of Processes under REACH (WP 5.5) (FKZ: 3717 67 410 0)

This sub-project of the project "Advancing REACH" analysed the participation processes under REACH and examined how synergies could be better used and duplication avoided. The investigation included an examination of the objective of the respective consultations, their practical implementation including the possibilities to reach the relevant stakeholders as well as whether and which information could be integrated into the REACH processes to which the consultations should contribute. In addition, it was assessed whether the consultations are transparent for all stakeholders.

Overall, the consultations can provide information that is helpful for (targeted) risk management. With the exception of participation in test proposals, the consultations are also sufficiently transparent. The efficiency of the consultations is difficult to measure. In general, it is considered higher for consultations that address a limited topic and/or concrete questions than when the consultation scope an questions are broader. A key difficulty of all consultations, but especially those where information on alternatives and/or socio-economic impacts of a measure is to be collected, is to involve the "right" actors and to motivate them to provide relevant information.

Olaf Wirth


Dirk Jepsen

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