Advancing REACH: Financing options for ECHA (AP7) (FKZ: 3717 67 410 0)

The aim of Work Package 7 of the project “Advancing REACH” was to develop options to finance ECHA’s future work.

The future financing needs of ECHA were estimated based on data on the work load in the past years. Regarding the compliance check activities, three scenarios were generated: a baseline scenario and two scenarios that take account of the increased assessment need of registration dossiers, which arises from current criticism of the dossier quality.

By analysing the financing models of other EU agencies it was assessed, which financing sources they use, among others to ensure that the financing proposals for ECHA are consistent with these.

It was calculated for all scenarios, which fee rates per substance and registrant would be necessary to cover the entire financing needs of ECHA as well as which income could be created if the update of dossiers were made legally binding within certain periods. Report under (in English)

Report under (in English)


Dirk Jepsen

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