Thematic conferences on advanced materials: assessment of regulatory needs for action for chemical safety (FKZ 3719 66 402 0)

The overall aim of this project is to create an overview and better understanding of the field of advanced materials by structuring and roughly describing clusters of advanced materials. Among the identified (types of) advanced materials, an indication of relevance may be developed based on an initial information collection on composition, structure, properties and functionalities of advanced material (clusters) as well as their potential application areas and relevant safety information.

The project consists of two phases:

  1. Gathering, evaluating and preparing information on advanced materials and their (potential) application(s) on the European market and developing a proposal for clustering advanced materials for further discussion.
  2. Organisation of three thematic conferences to discuss different aspects of advanced materials, including how they could be clustered and how potential risks could be managed.

The expected results of the project are a report providing a generally understandable overview of advanced materials, including a proposal for structuring the field and inputs to the current discussions at national, EU and OECD level on how to approach the field of advanced materials.

Dirk Jepsen


UBA Texte: Overview of advanced materials

UBA Texte: Thematic Conferences Advanced Materials. Assessment of needs to act on chemical safety


Dirk Jepsen