Market research and documentation of paint stripper products BRF-No. 14.2-1157856

In this project Ökopol analysed the paint stripper products available on the market for consumers on behalf of the Bundesinstituts für Risikobewertung (BfR). The aim of the project was the collection and documentation of product information including product composition, physical –chemical and use information to enable subsequent derivation of exposure scenarios and in depth risk assessment.

Paint strippers are products that are used to remove or untighten varnishes and surface coatings from surfaces to ease later complete removal while surfaces remain intact as far as possible.

The BfR intends to generate an in depth understanding of this product group in order to derive conclusions regarding the consumer exposure towards hazardous substances and to initiate subsequent measures (e.g. restrictions under REACH) if this seems justified.


Olaf Wirth

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