Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Beverage Packaging (FKZ 3721 31 302 0)

In this project, a future-oriented life cycle assessment (LCA) of beverage packaging is being carried out. The study is based closely on the standard methodology used by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) for the preparation of life cycle assessments for beverage packaging (study "Prüfung und Aktualisierung der Ökobilanzen für Getränkeverpackungen", UBA-Texte 19/2016). Specific objectives include the prospective determination of the environmental performance of different packaging systems in the event of foreseeable changes in the background conditions as well as in the case that possible optimization potentials regarding packaging systems are realized. On this basis, scientifically substantiated and comprehensible information is derived as to how and to what extent different factors influence the use of environmental resources by packaging systems. Courses of action are identified that lead to packaging systems with the lowest potential environmental impacts and the highest possible resource efficiency. The results of the LCA form a basis for scientifically sound political decisions on further measures to shape the legal framework in Germany.


Till Zimmermann