Study to Support the impact assessment for potential amendments of theREACH Regulation, to extend the use of the generic risk managementapproach to further hazard classes and uses, and to reform REACHauthorisation and restriction (ENV.F.1/Frau/2019/001)

The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: Towards a Toxic-free Environment, adopted on 14 October 2020, announced extending the generic approach to risk management to further hazard classes and uses. This will be set out in a proposal to review the REACH Regulation, allowing the Commission to develop implementing regulations on the use of hazardous substances, implementing the generic approach to risk management.

Recent evaluations and fitness check of the EU chemicals legislation has consistently found that while the EU legislation has increased the protection of human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemical substances and mixtures, there are still areas for improvement. The REACH review has found that not enough progress has been made with reducing exposure to the most hazardous chemicals. The reasons include the combination of the case-by-case approach and the limited resources for Member States.

The study will therefore assess the impacts of extending the generic approach to risk management, in order to evaluate options for the extnsion of the generic approach to risk management (GRA) and the future Design of the restriction and the authorisation procedure under REACH.


Olaf Wirth

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