Support services for the Zero Waste and Sustainable Procurement newsletters and for maintaining the Sustainable Procurement website

In 2021, the state of Berlin adopted the waste management concept 2020-2030 under the guiding principle of "Zero Waste". To develop Berlin’s waste management sector into a modern closed loop system the concept includes a concrete and implementable Zero Waste Strategy, which focuses on the priority strategies of avoidance, reuse and recycling. The implementation of the Zero Waste Strategy is accompanied by the state of Berlin with publicity measures. These include the "Green Public Procurement" and "Zero Waste" newsletters and the "Sustainable Procurement" website. The various formats aim on the one hand to inform about the implementation status of the Zero Waste Strategy. On the other hand, the newsletters share current and relevant state and federal policy developments in the respective areas, inform about best practice approaches, present current studies, and publications, and publicize relevant dates and events. As part of the project, Ökopol supports the operation, maintenance and further development of these formats and prepares suitable content in the required form.


Till Zimmermann