Feasibility study regarding the supply chain communication on hazardous substances in articles

Background and tasks

Article producers and importers have to communicate information with articles that contain substances of very high concern on the candidate list (candidate substances) in concentrations above 0.1% to the recipients of the articles and to consumers. As a minimum, the name of the candidate substance must be communicated as well as information necessary to ensure safe use of the article.

For the assessment and compliance with the notification requirements for candidate substances according to REACH Article 7(2), article producers and importers have to know the content of the candidate substance in the article.

Article producers and placers on the market of articles can only fulfill their product responsibility, if they can exclude possible risks in the handling and use of an article. In order to determine this, information is needed on which candidate substances (and other hazardous substances) are contained in which parts of the articles and if and under which conditions they could be released.

Project objectives

The aim of the project was to assess the feasibility of an extended communication on candidate substances and other hazardous substances in articles. Based on an analysis of existing instruments and of the information needs and availabilities in the supply chain, conceptual proposals for a standardized communication with articles were to be elaborated.


The project results are:

  • Final report including an analysis of available communication instruments, an analysis of requirments to a new, comprehensive communication tool on SVHC and other hazardous substances in articles and recommendations for further work
  • Guidance document on the identification of information which should be communicated on SVHC and other hazardous substances in articles in order to enable all actors in the supply chain to fulfill their legal obligations under REACH and other legislation and to take their producer responsiblities.
  • Online-tool for the identification of information to communicate along the supply chain on substances in articles  SVHC-tool

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Olaf Wirth

Antonia Reihlen


Dirk Jepsen

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