ExpertDialogues on Nanotechnologies of the German Ministry of the Environment 2016 – 2019

Background and aims of the ExpertDialogues

The German Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) organises two further ExpertDialogues on Nanotechnologies. This will provide a possibility to discuss new applications and aspects of nanotechnologies among the various stakeholders. The topic of the first ExpertDialogue is “Use of nanotechnologies in the construction sector”. The topic of the second Dialogue is not decided yet..

Frame of the Expert Dialogues 2016–2019

The ExpertDialogues take place on two consecutive days and in the building of the German Ministry of the Environment. Approximately 35 representatives from the various stakeholder groups, including from ministries and national agencies are invited. The focus of the ExpertDialogue is on evaluating the societal relevance of the topics set up for discussion. The discussion summaries of the ExpertDialogues are published on the internet. In addition, the Environment Ministry publishes comprehensive reports on the two topics, including a presentation of the discussions at the ExpertDialogue.

Further information on the ExpertDialogues

ExpertDialogue 1

23.11.–24.11.16 Nanotechnologies in the construction sector

ExpertDialogue 2

Juni 2017 Topic is under discussion