Consulting services for enterprises

We offer concrete support for the strategic and practical implementation of the REACH requirements. The following examples of our services aim to give an impression of our work and could serve as a basis for specific agreements.

  • Developing strategic options and decision support for
    – registration of substances and respective adaptation of the product portfolio
    – organization of purchase and sourcing of substances and mixtures
  • Establishing strategies for dealing with substances under authorisation and compiling authorisation applications and/or socio-economic analyses
  • Supporting the evaluation and organization of substitution processes
  • Advising on optimizing the communication in the supply chain
  • Ad-hoc consultation on different aspects of the REACH regulation.

In addition, we conduct in-house trainings or information events for companies on different topics, such as registration, authorisation or ‘substances in articles’. The agreed content is presented in an attractive and target-group oriented manner. 

To support cooperation between companies in the supply chain (horizontal or vertical) or e.g. to develop guidance on behalf of sector organisations, we offer neutral and competent moderation of related discussion processes. Moderation may also regard the structured compilation of conditions of use and/or risk management measures (e.g. in the context of spERCs or PROCs etc.) We regard it as particularly important in the related dialogues that the goals, tasks and potential conflicts of interest are clarified and made transparent for all involved parties.