The German NanoCommission had two discussion phases (2009–2010). After the NanoCommission ended its work, the Ministry oft he Environment organised two series of 4 ExpertDialogues from 2011–2012 (3rd Dialogue phase) and from 2013 – 2015 (4th Dialogue phase), to continue and further develop the discussions of NanoCommission.

The fifth dialogue phase started in June 2016 with a conference, which was opened by the Parliamentary Secretary of State. At the conference, 10 years of successful work were acknowledged by more than 300 participants. The results of the third and fourth dialogue phase were introduced, reflected and discussed. Another important goal of the conferences was to collect topics for further expert dialogues.

The current, 5th phase of the NanoDialogue will include four more ExpertDialogues to support stakeholder discussions on further application and aspects of the use of nanotechnologies.

Representatives from enterprises, industry associations, civil society groups, academia as well as ministries and agencies participated in the work of the NanoCommission and the ExpertDialogues.

Oekopol supported the second NanoCommission as well the Ministry of the Environment in the technical organisation and content development of the ExpertDialogues.

Oekopol’s support to the ExpertDialogues comprises:

  • Programme development and contacts to speakers,
  • Development of background documents to inform the participants before the events,
  • Facilitation and documentation (summary) of the 2-day expert dialogues,
  • Elaboration of comprehensive reports on the topics, including a summary of the discussion results.

4th Dialogue phase

Please, find below the comprehensive reports of the topic s of the ExpertDialogues conducted during the 4th dialogue phase.

  • ExpertDialogue 4.1 – Nanomedicine
  • ExpertDialogue 4.2 – Aquatic Environment
  • ExpertDialogue 4.3 – Waste
  • ExpertDialogue – Food and food contact materials

3rd Dialogue phase

In the following, the comprehensive reports on the topics of the ExpertDialogues are provided.

  • Expert Dialogue 3.1 – Risk management
  • Expert Dialogue 3.2 – Nano databases
  • Expert Dialogue 3.3 – Sustainability of nanotechnologies
  • Expert Dialogue 3.4 – Research on nanotechnologies

Support to the NanoCommission comprised:

  • Development of a work programme
  • Preparation and follow-up as well as documentation of the NanoCommission’s meetings
  • Facilitation and documentation of the work process and results of four working groups of the Commission that worked more in-depth on different topics and partly developed self-standing products
  • Preparation, organisation and facilitation of 2 dialogue events (interim conference and final conference of the NanoCommission)

On this website the reports and tools of the NanoCommission’s thematic working groups are made available (in german only).