Continuation of the derivation, assessment and standardisation of emission factors for the exposure assessment under REACH REACH (Projectnr.: 26785)


The European industry associations developed specific environmental release categories (spERCs) to support a standardized emission estimation under REACH. The structure and content / quality of the spERCs were assessed in a study in 2010. The results were recommendations to industry actors regarding the guidance to develop spERCs and their documentation in the fact sheets.

Project aims

In the study it is assessed, which changes were implemented to the spERCs and their factsheets by industry between 2010 and 2013. The already analysed spERCs are re-assessed and newly developed spERCs are analysed as well.


Results of the project are: new recommendations to industry actors and prioritisation criteria for further assessment / improvement of spERCs due to observed shortcomings in plausbility and documentation.

Antonia Reihlen

Olaf Wirth


Dirk Jepsen

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