Concept development and application of an EU project related to the consumer right-to-konw under REACH (Projekt number: 70733)

REACH Article 33.1 defines the consumers’ right-to-know on the content of substances of very high concern (SVHC) in articles. Producers, importers and retailers of articles must respond to related consumer requests within 45 days and free of charge. They must provide information on the safe use of the article and, as a minimum, the name of the substance, if it is contained in the article in a concentration above 0.1%.

The German Federal Environment Agency plans, together with several other partners, among others competent authorities of other Member States and consumer protection organisations, to develop a smart phone application and database that supports consumers in making these requests. The database should store the suppliers’ responses and provide them automatically, if a second consumer inquires about the same article. The programming of the App and the database as well as awareness raising campaigns for consumers and companies should be supported by the EU programme LIFE.

In this project, Oekopol supports the development of a related offer to the LIFE programme, in particular by developing indicators to measure the projects’ success. Oekopol is a cooperation partner of the Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, which coordinates and develops the overall proposal.


Antonia Reihlen

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