Market research and documentation of adhesion and sealant products

In the frame of this project Ökopol conducted a market research in the field of adhesion and sealant products on behalf of the Bundesinstituts für Risikobewertung (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment – BfR).

It was the aim of the project to collect information on adhesion and sealant products available for private consumers in Germany.

Adhesion and sealant products are products used to fit objects together or to seal gaps between such objects.

Part of the study, apart from the collection of product related information, is the derivation of a systematic to characterise the product sector and to describe typical consumer behaviour and use activities for different product types.

From a regulatory perspective the adhesion and sealant are mixtures in the meaning of Regulation (EU) Nr. 1906/2007 (REACH) as well as 1272/2008 (CLP) and are therefore subjected to the requirements for classification and labelling and packaging the obligation to provide safety data sheets and also substance restrictions may apply.

The BfR aimed to establish an in depth understanding of the substances used in the products and their conditions of use to be able to derive conclusions on the consumer exposure and to be able to derive potential regulatory measures, if necessary.


Olaf Wirth

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